Robert Scoble Talks About Advertising in the Age of Context

Robert Scoble was in Seattle this week to interview interesting Pacific Northwest startups. I met up with him outside Mozcon, where he interviewed me about mobile advertising and affiliate marketing.

While he was in town, Robert also spoke at a couple of events about some of the themes in his upcoming book, The Age of Context. Robert sees the convergence of wearable devices with always-connected sensors, cloud-based databases, contextual SDKs, and a maturing in social data as the beginning of a new age of computing. In his view, the context of what you’re doing, where you’re doing it, and who you are doing it with will play a big role in the way our devices interpret the world.

Naturally, I was curious about how this new world of contextual computing will change advertising. The interview below is the result of a great conversation about the future of advertising in a context-rich world where our devices have a better understanding than we do of where we shop and which brands we like.

Peter Hamilton

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  • Peter Hamilton

    I’m just now seeing Google Now.

    Imagine the power of context with this little gem and then slap on Google Glass.