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Company Background

Chinese ecommerce company, Lomeway, is behind several successful clothing retail websites including Zaful and Rosegal. The company manages over 200,000 SKUs and sells over 100,000 products each day with average monthly sales reaching $400,000. Lomeway serves the global community with consumers based in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and other regions.


With ambitious revenue goals to achieve, Lomeway was interested in leveraging affiliate relationships to grow their business. However, due to technical limitations, it was nearly impossible to actually know when an event was driven by an affiliate. There was no transparency or way to reconcile revenue generated from advertising efforts, let alone a way to determine which portion affiliates should receive credit for. Not having real-time data made it difficult to optimize their advertising spending and impacted long-term relationships with their affiliates.

Without a way to accurately track affiliate activity from online orders, Lomeway wasn’t able to cultivate these important relationships. Lomeway CMO Amy Tang said, “Because our internal platform couldn’t support the variety of tracking that affiliates required, we lost opportunities for collaboration. Over six months, this issue cost us nearly $100,000 because of ineffective development initiatives, as well as the potential revenue that four prominent affiliates could have been generating during this time.”


It became clear for Lomeway that something had to be done about their inefficient affiliate program. One of their trusted affiliates recommended HasOffers by TUNE and they never looked back. Lomeway wasted no time implementing HasOffers due to the good reputation, strong global presence, reliable customer service, and excellent technical support.

Allowing Lomeway to completely overhaul their affiliate program, HasOffers provided the technical ability to grow and track the performance of their affiliate network in real time. According to Tang, “HasOffers gave us server-to-server tracking capabilities, which we were previously unable to provide to our affiliates. This functionality gave us more credibility and helped us successfully partner with more affiliates. Additionally, the HasOffers team supplied us with special technical and customer support, making communication with affiliates more efficient.”

“As a retail company, affiliate management isn’t our expertise. It’s great to be able to rely on a best-in-class solution like HasOffers to help us achieve our affiliate program goals. HasOffers has exceeded our expectations, and we’ve experienced very promising results in a short period of time. I’m excited to see our affiliate program continue to flourish with the help of HasOffers.”


With HasOffers in place and technical difficulties behind them, Lomeway could finally count on their affiliate program to help drive revenue and grow the business. Lomeway credits HasOffers’ strong industry reputation with helping them attract and build affiliate relationships, which in turn led to higher quality traffic to their websites. Plus, they gained visibility into affiliate-driven activity in real time, which enabled them to give the appropriate credit where it was due.

As a result of implementing HasOffers, Lomeway saw big improvements to their affiliate program. In fact, the Lomeway team estimates that they have realized an incredible 600% return on investment with HasOffers. They also saw a 15% decrease in fraudulent and low-quality traffic — a byproduct of the improved relationships they were able to establish with affiliates. On top of that, Lomeway’s conversion rate increased by 5.4%, while revenue and clicks increased by 2%.
“The strong reputation of HasOffers has enabled us to successfully onboard more affiliates with increased satisfaction and given us the ability to maintain long-term relationships with them. HasOffers also provided great localized technical support and valuable affiliate introductions, so we could ramp up quickly. We are now very optimistic about the future of our affiliate program.”

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