Tapstone delivers 100% ROI for ad clients using HasOffers


increase in revenue in the last year


all media buys in one place


a single impression to a revenue event

Company Background

Southern California-based Tapstone is a digital media buying and optimization platform, blending proprietary data analysis, automated technology, and human expertise to deliver results-driven campaigns at scale. Leveraging HasOffers since 2014 to keep track of their ad inventory and placement, Tapstone uses the solution as a true media reporting and optimization platform.


Tapstone purchases over 1 billion impressions, delivers 4.5 million clicks and 25,000 leads, sales, and website registrations per month. With this amount of reach, they needed a solution that could deliver digital media buying data in real time, across multiple channels. Jonathan David, CEO of Tapstone recalls, “We were dealing with manual reporting and reconciliation through Excel. It was a slow and painful process.”


While evaluating solutions to support their growing company, Tapstone compared a handful of providers. Ultimately, they selected HasOffers for the critical task of managing the optimization associated with their media buying — from setting up campaigns and budgets to enhancing results. David said, “We chose HasOffers because it far and away addressed more of our specific needs than any other option.”

The primary reasons why Tapstone chose HasOffers include:

  1. Flexibility for pricing their cost and revenue to their preferred model (e.g., CPM versus CPC versus CPA).
  2. Ease and accessibility of the API, which pulls data into their proprietary platform.
  3. Price — the value of the solution far surpassed the cost.

HasOffers was able to provide Tapstone with a reliable, scalable tool to track media buys for their clients. Through the dynamic insertion of sale amounts in their conversion pixels, Tapstone can access complex revenue KPIs in real time. This, in turn, gives them the ability to more effectively optimize their campaigns and see which creative, targeting criteria, and publishers are driving the best results.


Since implementing HasOffers, Tapstone has been able to directly impact the value provided to their customers. Jonathan explains, “With HasOffers we can track a single impression back to a revenue event, enabling effective optimization. That helps us to create a better ROI for the advertiser, which is what we are all about.”

A few of the benefits Tapstone has seen with HasOffers:

  • Power to track a single impression back to a revenue event, enabling continual effective optimization that delivers a minimum of 100% higher ROI for their advertiser clients than previously possible.
  • Ability to measure all media buys in one place. Generate links to each of their ads in one place. Allows a team media of buyers to track all metrics on their own.
  • A significant increase in revenue. In the last year, Tapstone has seen a 50% increase in revenue, attributing this success to tools like HasOffers.

Tapstone looks forward to continued success with HasOffers. David says, “In the next year, we plan to expand our client base within the vertical markets we already have strength in — finance, health and beauty, and education, in addition to further expanding into the travel market. We have aggressive growth plans as a company and they are supported by HasOffers’ capabilities.”

"HasOffers is part of every Tapstone employees daily routine and we really enjoy using the product. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”


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