Pocket Media uses HasOffers to achieve higher conversion rates for mobile offers

Company Background

Pocket Media, a startup based in the Netherlands and founded in April 2012, is a performance-based mobile agency specializing in direct response products for mobile web. By working as an exclusive mobile boutique network, Pocket Media helps advertisers optimize their mobile offers and buy the best traffic for them. Types of offers include mobile content, app installs, and lead-gen. Setting transparency, strong partnership and clear communication as the foundations of their company, Pocket Media aims to create order in the chaos called mobile advertising.


Pocket Media recognizes that while mobile is quickly becoming the primary platform for many consumers, Europe is slightly behind the adoption rates in the U.S. However, Benjamin Pomerantz, founder of Pocket Media, says, “This is Pocket Media’s advantage. We are a Dutch based agency – in Amsterdam – and work with large direct response advertisers in Europe. Our advertisers appreciate working with us because we are taking them through a learning process. This is what makes the difference in close partnerships.”

One of Pocket Media's top challenges was to get accurate, insightful reporting to help track their sales on a per publisher or affiliate basis. They had used a proprietary reporting solution that reported on every aspect of a mobile user’s click, but also had its limitations. “We were able to track pieces of data tied to the advertisers,” Pomerantz said, “but not the whole picture, which highlighted precisely where the true optimization opportunities were hidden.”

Another challenge was to build transparent, long-term relationships with advertisers through the implementation of technology that would enable Pocket Media to work more closely with mobile advertisers. They wanted a solution that was easy to use, scalable, and very reliable. Additionally, in an industry that has had its fair share of fraud, Pocket Media wanted to ensure they can offer fraud detection solutions to their partners.


After Pocket Media’s evaluation process, they chose HasOffers as the front-runner for their solution to attribution tracking and analytics. “HasOffers has the right mix of functionality and support and is an easy and reliable platform to use, not only for us but also for our partners,” said Pomerantz. As a result, Pocket Media integrated HasOffers into their own proprietary targeting platform and found this to be the perfect mix. Pomerantz said, “With the addition of HasOffers, we now have a full performance overview. This makes it possible, together with our publishers, to optimize our work and achieve the best performance possible.”


HasOffers’ intuitive user interface has allowed Pocket Media to better manage their advertising relationships so they can spend more time focusing on critical business objectives, including conversions. “Our conversion rates doubled over the past six months, which is outstanding ROI,” says Pomerantz, “all due to the perfect mix of HasOffers technology mixed with our own proprietary platform.”

Jochem Gratama, Partner & VP of Sales, says, “HasOffers makes it easy for us. The sign-up and tracking process saves at least 20 hours a week, allowing the sales managers to focus on the main objective: Traffic and results.” He continues, “HasOffers also helps us to keep costs low and not take any cashflow risks on 3rd party platforms.”

Another HasOffers benefit is the visibility Pocket Media gained and then transferred into their mobile advertiser relationships, enabling them to work more effectively and build a stronger synergy. Communications have become more streamlined, and Pocket Media is not only able to educate the advertisers, but help them to provide the best performing offers possible.

"HasOffers turned out to be the best choice we’ve made."

Jochem Gratama, Partner & VP of Sales

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