GetApp achieves ultimate tracking reliability with HasOffers

Company Background

Founded in 2010, GetApp is the leading independent cloud apps marketplace — helping businesses to discover, compare, and review the best B2B cloud applications. Supporting millions of users every year, GetApp provides an extensive range of comprehensive tools to help customers find the right applications to fit their needs. GetApp works with over 2,800 software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud vendors to generate new business leads.

Additionally, GetApp has its own network — matching advertisers with publishers. The GetApp Network is the only dedicated advertising network for SaaS advertisers and web/SaaS business publishers. Through the program, they connect premium advertisers and publishers across an advanced platform for generating clicks, leads, and revenue sharing.


When the GetApp Network was first introduced to the market, it was utilizing a publisher interface and tracking solution that had been developed in-house. However, as the company grew it became increasingly clear the software couldn’t keep up with their rapid growth. GetApp Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer Manuel Jaffrin recalls, “We had our own homegrown publisher interface and tracking system, but it could not scale without major re-engineering.”

Aside from scalability, GetApp needed a reliable tracking platform and user-friendly interface for their partner network. Jaffrin says, “To deploy the GetApp Network program, we needed to track very precisely and accurately the leads generated for our clients, as well as offer a self-service interface to every publisher joining the partner network.”

Along with high growth objectives for both the GetApp Marketplace and GetApp Network, the company aspired to become the one-stop shop for buyers to discover cloud apps and for vendors to find engaged buyers across a large variety of very targeted web properties. To help GetApp achieve these big goals, they started searching for a platform to take them to the next level.


Rather than rebuild their homegrown software, GetApp started shopping around for tracking and publisher interface solutions. Jaffrin says, “We reviewed a number of alternatives during our selection process. It ended up being an efficient option for us to replace our in-house solution with HasOffers. Ultimately, we chose HasOffers for three main reasons.”

The primary motivation for choosing HasOffers consisted of:

  1. The efficiency and agile support from the HasOffers sales team to help with understanding the breadth and potential of the solutions compared to building in-house.
  2. The availability of a robust and well-documented API to customize the platform for the GetApp Network’s specific needs.
  3. An economic model that could scale with the GetApp Network without a major upfront investment.


GetApp has been a satisfied HasOffers client since end of 2011. Growing at a solid rate, the GetApp Network has experienced double-digit growth each quarter since implementing HasOffers.

Additionally, scalability is no longer a concern; GetApp knows that HasOffers can support its publisher network at any size. The GetApp Network has also achieved tracking reliability, which allows them to accurately trace the leads generated for their clients from each one of its publisher partners. In fact, since partnering with HasOffers, the GetApp Network has tracked several million clicks and hundreds of thousands of leads. And in this time, tracking data has never been lost — a true testament to HasOffers’ tracking reliability.

Jaffrin concludes, “Today, we have no worries about tracking reliability or accuracy. We trust in the HasOffers platform. It has given us peace of mind and provided us with the stability we needed over the years to grow our business. We feel very confident about the future.”

"Since partnering with HasOffers in 2011, the GetApp Network has tracked several million clicks and hundreds of thousands of leads. And in this time, tracking data has never been lost. The uptime is beyond reliable.”

Manuel Jaffrin, Co-Founder & COO of GetApp

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