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{{#customtitle:HasOffers Wiki|Affiliate Tracking Software Wiki - HasOffers}} Welcome to the HasOffers Wiki. This wiki provides documentation for the HasOffers affiliate tracking software, as well as a guide to the HasOffers API for Dedicated Solutions Customers.

We are dedicated to providing you with the most reliable tracking software and robust advertising platform in the industry. We will continue to update this wiki as new features are released and include fresh answers to commonly asked support questions.

If you have additional information or further clarity on related subjects, we encourage you to contribute to this Wiki. Submit your contributions to:

API Documentation

(For clients using Enterprise Editions or Dedicated Solutions)

All data from HasOffers can be can accessed through the API. This section of the Wiki will guide your interaction with the complete HasOffers API.

If you are an Enterprise client, use this documentation to build independent affiliate network applications that work with the HasOffers API. As a Dedicated Solutions customer, use this API documentation to fully customize your own affiliate network application.

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