What is HasOffers?

HasOffers is a white-labeled affiliate tracking software that allows thousands of businesses around the world to track and manage their own affiliate programs.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Does HasOffers take a cut of my affiliate payouts? No. HasOffers is simply a software provided to you for a service fee. Each month you are billed based on the pricing edition and terms you agreed to. On average this works out to $0.0008 per click recorded in HasOffers.
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Affiliate Marketing Your Way

With HasOffers you really can create the perfect affiliate program for your business. HasOffers provides the complete tracking engine, management features, and billing system you need to get started, while offering the API and custom settings required to make it your own.
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About Us

We Know Tracking. But beyond that, we are passionate about what we do. Founded by twins Lucas and Lee Brown in 2009, we have continued with steady innovation, creating new industry standards for affiliate tracking.
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Is HasOffers Right for Me?

HasOffers provides the technology you need to track and manage your own affiliate program the way that works best for your business.

Brand Advertiser

Being an advertiser means you have a product or service to advertise. You sell something online and you’d like to get affiliates to help sell it too. You need a tracking platform that is simple and scalable that you can call your own. Some of the most savvy online advertisers like Zynga, LivingSocial and Saveology use HasOffers to track and manage their own affiliate programs.

Affiliate Network

As an affiliate network (or cpa network) you empower affiliates to bring the best traffic to each advertiser you work with, which is why tracking affiliate traffic is so important. You need a system that is extremely reliable, scalable, and flexible. Every affiliate network has that secret sauce that gives you a competitive edge, and with HasOffers you can easily build that special formula into your business. HasOffers was specifically designed to support affiliate networks and is trusted by Adsimilis, BuckSense, Tapjoy, OfferMobi, AdsRoute and many more.

Advertising Agency

You work with fortune 500 brands to shape their message and increase their advertising ROI across many channels. Your clients already have incredible contacts, partners, and maybe even affiliates, and you need a centralized tracking system to manage affiliate programs for each client. Brand HasOffers the way you want it, provide a unique login for each client to view their own stats and control how much they see. HasOffers supports a number of agencies of record including ACMG, iPowerDigital, and Affiliate Traction.

Ecommerce Store

So you have tons of products in your own online ecommerce store. Maybe you’ve got some search engine rankings and maybe you’re killing it on PPC. It’s time to start empowering others to start promoting your products. HasOffers allows you to easily create affiliate offers (or campaigns) with your product feeds so affiliates can promote the right products for their audiences. You can easily integrate HasOffers with every major Ecommerce platform like Google Checkout, Spree, WordPress, FatFreeCart, Big Commerce, Volusion, and many more.

Super Affiliate

You’ve built yourself a bit of an empire as an affiliate marketer. Congratulations! You have the relationships and technical knowledge to leverage your success into a multi-employee business, but you need a reliable tracking system that lets you easily manage employee permissions, commissions, and affiliate tiers. HasOffers gets you started with one month free and as low as $279 per month, scaling up as your business grows. HasOffers is recommended by super affiliates like Shoemoney, John Chow, Ian Fernando, Jonathan Volk, Josh Todd, Ryan Eagle, and many more.

Internet Startup

You’ve got your product or service off the ground and you need more users. You started spreading the word, buying some advertising, and appearing in the press but you need an online sales force. HasOffers is the tracking platform and interface for exactly that. Reach out to current customers, affiliate directories, partners, and relevant website owners and offer to pay them a fee for every lead, sale, or customer action they generate. The great part is that you pay affiliates after a customer has purchased, letting you scale up easily.

What Makes HasOffers Different?

99.9999% Tracking Up-time

Downtime is a major struggle for any company dealing with big data. And in the case of tracking performance marketing, every minute your tracking is down you are potentially losing money. This is one of the principle reasons HasOffers utilizes Amazon Web Services EC2 to provide the ultimate level of reliability. Globally distributed Ad Servers prevent outages through globally load-balanced DNS. This prevents lost conversions due to server outages.

Ultimate Scalability

HasOffers technology is built for scalability. Our software as a service model allows clients to setup their network immediately with a 1 Month Free Trial. Your network is setup in a matter of minutes and you are ready to start loading offers. Plus there are zero setup fees for standard editions of HasOffers. As you grow, more resources are automatically allocated to support increased activity so you never skip a beat. HasOffers immediately responds to any level of growth, letting you focus on building your network.

Globally Distributed Deployments

HasOffers is not only the best solution in the United States, but is truly the only global solution. Ad servers are deployed on Amazon’s cloud with globally load-balanced DNS. Globally load-balanced DNS detects the location of the user making the request to an ad server and directs the user to the ad server in the facility that can respond the quickest. Ad servers are deployed in all four of Amazon’s cloud facilities: California (Western United States), Virginia (Eastern United States), Ireland (Europe) and Singapore (Asia). These deployments provide efficient global coverage. By handling a user’s request with ad servers that are located thousands of miles closer to them, latency is substantially reduced between the user and the ad servers. These globally distributed deployments make ad serving and tracking extremely fast and globally reliable. No competitor or internal solution can provide this level of service.

Complete Flexibility – Make HasOffers Your Own

The HasOffers API provides the most functionality in the industry, making it possible to develop customized applications that run on top of the HasOffers platform. No other affiliate tracking software has push/pull API of this caliber. You can customize your affiliate network application to meet your specific business objectives. Integrating with other systems, building new tools, and creating a fully unique affiliate network has never been easier and more cost effective. Let HasOffers take care of your tracking while you define what makes your network successful.

Over 400 Push/Pull API Calls

The HasOffers API makes public over 400 methods and 60 data models. Every feature in the HasOffers application is documented and available to use through the HasOffers API. You can build applications or customize your current HasOffers application with the same access to integration for managing advertisers, offers, and affiliates. Easily create new affiliates and generate tracking code for new affiliates and view reports using the HasOffers API. Over sixty integration points are now available, including: Advertisers, Affiliates, Users, Employees, Offers, Creative Files, Third-party Pixels/URLs, Employees, Conversions and Reports.

Pass Any Data Points to External Systems

The power of complete customization is in your hands. With the capabilities provided by the HasOffers API, you can customize your affiliate tracking software to meet your specific business objectives. We all know that many HasOffers affiliate networks look similar (just like you know a DirectTrack interface when we see it). Use the HasOffers API to build a completely new and unique interface or simply customize your current affiliate network application by changing the HTML in template files. Automate the functionality of payout tiers, write new scripts that provide custom email communication based on events, or connect notifications to your Twitter account.

Complete API Support Documentation

The HasOffers API is REST-based and returns results as JSON. JSON is derived from the JavaScript programming language for representing simple data structures and associative arrays. It is language-independent, with parsers available for virtually every programming language. HasOffers is the only affiliate tracking solution with publicly available API documentation. See for yourself by searching on Google for actual API documentation provided by other affiliate tracking companies.
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Access to HasOffers Source Code (Dedicated Solutions – Learn More).

Need to fully integrate with your CRM? Want to start over with a completely new design to provide a unique user experience? Are you ready to start building your own tools for affiliates or employees? These are just a few ideas that scratch the surface of what you can do with Dedicated Solutions. Dedicated Solutions puts the actual source code of the HasOffers’ application in your hands. Access to application source code enables you to make changes to the design and functionality of your affiliate network. Dedicated Solutions empower you to customize HasOffers to your precise needs, allowing you to find your network’s full potential.

Tracking and Management Features

The features below are just a few highlights that differentiate HasOffers from other tracking software. Take a closer look at our feature set by visiting the Compare Features page. Here you can see the various features provided by each HasOffers Edition and determine which one is right for you. Possible the most exciting thing about HasOffers features is that new ones are developed every couple weeks. We are constantly responding to customer feedback and putting your suggestions into action. No other provider has a team as agile and passionate as the HasOffers engineers.

Fraud Detection

HasOffers provides several unique and effective ways to detect fraud and monitor your traffic. First, we make it simple to analyze affiliate signups through number of criteria such as IP not matching country or a similar account was terminated from another network using HasOffers. We let you determine the most important criteria for judging new affiliates and then allow you to set your own alert and block thresholds. Similarly, you can monitor traffic from your affiliates by various criteria such as increased EPC, duplicate IPs, or invalid referring domains. Again, you decide where to set alert and block thresholds to best manage your affiliates. Each criteria can be modified per affiliate to make exceptions for trusted partners or unique traffic sources.

GeoTargeting and Browser Targeting

HasOffers provides the most effective way to accurately target geographic regions and specific browser/device types through Offer Groups. Assign geo-targeted offers to groups so that users receive the most targeted offer for their location and device type. Why let affiliates send mobile only offers to PC’s or Spanish offers to European IP addresses. Make sure your offers connect to the right people by targeting users through offer groups. Additionally, you can set a network-wide default offer (all countries and regions) if there are no other offers in the offer group that apply to the user.

Affiliate Management

HasOffers makes it easy for you to setup and manage your affiliates. Our intuitive interface and robust features enable you and your employees to operate your affiliate network effectively and efficiently. HasOffers’ reporting and billing systems keep your hand on the pulse of how much your affiliates are earning, where adjustments are needed, and what payments need to be made. Proactively manage who has access to your offers by requiring approval, agreeing to additional terms, or keeping offers private. Specify custom offer payouts by tiers or set payouts for specific affiliates. You can even set specific conversions caps on an offer or affiliate basis. With HasOffers as your affiliate management software, you can feel the security and control you need to run successful campaigns.

Affiliate Billing and Advertiser Invoicing

Easily manage affiliate billing and advertising invoices from within your HasOffers network. Affiliates earn currency for marketing your offers. Based on the invoice frequency, invoices are created for affiliates automatically. Then when you are ready, use one of the many payment options to pay the outstanding affiliate invoices. You can pay one or multiple invoices at once. HasOffers also manages advertiser invoices to keep track of collected payments. Create invoices for advertisers based on the activity reported for each offer. Then manage the advertiser balances and reconcile payments. Managing affiliate billing and advertiser invoicing in one system gives you the insight on your networks performance in real-time.

Offer Goals

Payout on multiple conversion events in single offer using Offer Goals. HasOffers is the only tracking solution that provides this ability. Incentivize affiliates to increase user engagement on your website, by paying them for newsletter signups, downloads, sales and any other user action. Affiliates still use the same affiliate tracking link to promote your offers. This is perfect for SaaS products by allowing advertisers to set each edition, or pricing model as a different offer goal. This makes changing the payouts for individual editions simple and customizable by affiliate.

Affiliate Payments

Managing affiliate payments can be tedious, expensive, and complicated, which is why HasOffers has integrated with several solutions to streamline this process. HasOffers is integrated with PayQuicker, Payoneer and Paypal to provide affiliate payment services. With these services, you simply fund your account with them (one payment) and they actually make the payments to all your affiliates. It’s so easy. HasOffers is also integrated with Quickbooks accounting software to reconcile these payments efficiently.

Mail Room – Easy network wide communication

Easily communicate with affiliates, advertisers and employees involved with your network with the Mail Room. This fully integrated mass emailing system is available only to Enterprise and Dedicated customers. Create and send text or HTML emails to any desired group of users within your network, including affiliates, advertisers, and employees. You can further target specific types of users including those that have been active recently, not active or even affiliates running specific offers. You can also include dynamic variables such as the user’s first name, their affiliate ID or unique tracking links.

Real-time System Status on Status.HasOffers.com

In an unprecedented effort to provide system transparency, you can check the status of each HasOffers service at any time of day or night on the HasOffers Status page. Here you will find acknowledgements and notifications of any issues, explanations of any issues, and scheduled update information. You may also subscribe to RSS feeds for each HasOffers service to be immediately notified of any change in service. You can trust HasOffers with your tracking.

No Conflicts of Interest – All we do is tracking.

Almost every other affiliate tracking technology provider also owns or is owned by another affiliate network. For this reason, their primary focus is to utilize those on their platform for their own potential distribution, and the majority of their innovation follows this motivation. HasOffers has zero connection to publishers and focuses entirely on providing the most reliable, scalable and flexible solution for affiliate networks. As a result, we are able to innovate more quickly, only motivated by the value of our product to our clients.

You Own Your Data

From network statistics to affiliate contact information, everything you place in HasOffers is yours. As a result of our complete API as well as numerous easy file downloads, you can easily get the information you need for integrations, exporting to other systems, or just for safe keeping. We believe in the value of our product, which is why we have an open hand policy on your data, allowing you to take it anywhere you want, whenever you want. There are no hidden service agreement terms that allow us to keep your information or prevent you from moving to another platform.

Your Data is Secure

Easily communicate with affiliates, advertisers and employees involved with your network with the Mail Room. This fully integrated mass emailing system is available only to Enterprise and Dedicated customers. Create and send text or HTML emails to any desired group of users within your network, including affiliates, advertisers, and employees. You can further target specific types of users including those that have been active recently, not active or even affiliates running specific offers. You can also include dynamic variables such as the user’s first name, their affiliate ID or unique tracking links.

Simple Migration Process

HasOffers makes it easier than ever to migrate your affiliate network without disrupting your business. From mass upload of affiliate information to mapping over old affiliate links, we have created a migration system with unparalleled simplicity. Should you require it, HasOffers also provide dedicated migration engineers to assist you in migration. Some tracking systems make migration more difficult than others, but we have worked with virtually every situation and developed simple process for each.

24/7 Application and Network Monitoring

HasOffers makes it easier than ever to take a step forward in tracking technology by migrating your affiliate network without disrupting your business. From mass upload of affiliate information to mapping over old affiliate links, we have created a migration system with unparalleled simplicity. Should you require it, HasOffers also provide dedicated migration engineers to assist you in migration. Some tracking systems make migrating away more difficult than others, but we have worked with virtually every situation.

24/7 E-mail Support – Robust Ticket System

HasOffers is quick to respond any time during the day or night via email to any customer inquiry. From questions on how to use specific features, the API, or the Offer Exchange, to urgent issues that need attention, we are dedicated to providing you with a solution. Once you have emailed support@hasoffers.com, a ticket is created, and you can follow the progress of that ticket as dialogue continues. This makes for quick referencing and efficient response times.

Chat support (Enterprise and Dedicated)

From 7AM to 7PM PST, HasOffers customer support in online, ready to help you. Chat directly with a HasOffers expert to quickly find a solution. We are known to have the most reliable chat support in Affiliate Tracking, and our support team is proud to be at your service. You may reach support through AIM or through our internal chat widget.

Telephone Support (Enterprise and Dedicated)

We reserve telephone support for highest customer levels to insure that they have every resource they need to succeed. This Enterprise/Dedicated service allows you to immediately connect to a HasOffers representative during business hours for the immediate needs of your business. We understand how important this feature to your high volume business.

Weekly Live Training Sessions

We know that not everyone learns through documentation or explanations over email, chat, and phone. Sometimes seeing means learning. Our weekly webinars allow customers to share a screen with a HasOffers technical support representative, providing help for those that are new to our platform as well as feature focused sessions for more advanced users. Check the weekly webinar schedule at any time and get ready to learn.

HasOffers Support Documentation

Extensive support documentation provides step by step instructions, feature explanations, settings suggestions, and frequently asked questions regarding the HasOffers application. 99% of the time you can find a solution to your problem in our support documentation, allowing you to find the information for yourself at any time. Every facet of the application is covered in the application, and customer support makes regular updates to insure the highest quality of information. We are also open to your feedback on enhancing our documentation.
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API Wiki

Not only does HasOffers provide the most robust API in affiliate tracking, but interacting with every piece of the API is described in the API section of the HasOffers Wiki. This extremely thorough documentation provides information on every API protocal, which is over 600 calls and over 40 data points, giving your team the immediate resources they need to start developing your own tools, integrations, and customizations.
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HasOffers Blog

The HasOffers “Affiliate Tracking Blog” has become recognized across the affiliate marketing industry as a regular resource of discussion, news, tips, and more. With a subscriber list of over 50k, this blog touches almost everyone in affiliate marketing, and the best part is that it’s your blog too. Submit your own guest posts through the Guest Post Form and provide your expertise to the rest of the industry.
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HasOffers News

The HasOffers News page provides the latest information about HasOffers feature updates, roadmaps, conference participations, press, and testimonials. We are famous for implementing new features every couple weeks, which is why HasOffers News helps you stay up to date with our progress and make the most of every new release. If you didn’t already know that we are the most innovate affiliate tracking technology, this page will convince you.
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