Performance Marketing Resources

E-books, case studies, and webinars to boost your advertising edge.

Case Studies

EyeBall Division eliminates data integrity issues, saves 10 hours per week with HasOffers Firehose

Retail company, Lomeway, experiences 600% ROI for their Zaful affiliate program.

OGMobi grows monthly revenue 400% by integrating monetization tools using the HasOffers API

GetApp achieves ultimate tracking reliability with HasOffers

Tapstone delivers 100% ROI for ad clients using HasOffers

RecargaPay quadruples publisher payouts with HasOffers

Pocket Media uses HasOffers to achieve higher conversion rates for mobile offers

Info Sheets

Scaling considerations when choosing a performance marketing tracking platform.

Understanding both methods will help get the best use out of your tracking platform.

Determine if a performance tracking solution would benefit your business.

Make smarter decisions based on actionable results, with HasOffers.

An easy overview of how to launch an ad network.

Manage affiliate marketing spend, access valuable insights, and deliver exceptional results.

Measure, analyze, and optimize your client’s mobile and digital marketing campaigns — in real time.

Drive growth through influencers, manage influencers at scale, and measure campaign performance on multiple channels

Measure, score, and distribute your client’s lead generation and digital marketing campaigns — all in one place.

Manage your clients ad spend, measure campaign performance, and optimize your media buys.

Control, manage, and expand your affiliate and referral program across multiple channels.

Learn how Billoid for HasOffers can revolutionize your invoicing and crediting process.

HasOffers fully automated event delivery service enables you to build on top of your data

Simplify your internal publisher payments with Payoneer's mass payout solution

Webinar Recordings

Industry experts share how to succeed in this new market.

Getting the edge on mobile performance.

Swagbucks shares the key to driving results through loyalty marketing.

See how Leadmill has leveraged the HasOffers API for mobile advertising success.

Simplify client invoicing and crediting with Billoid for HasOffers.

Easily build your own rich-media mobile ads!

Learn how to build your very own lead exchange.