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Technology Partners

Amazon Web Services

HasOffers is the first affiliate tracking software on the cloud with Amazon Web Services EC2. We are live in all four AWS facilities around the world, enabling us to provide the highest up-time and best performance.

Digital Element

Digital Element provides HasOffers with IP intelligence and geolocation technologies allowing us to improve the online experience for consumers around the world.

Edge Cast

EdgeCast is the world’s fastest and most reliable content delivery network, enabling HasOffers to serve objects in our application with speed and efficiency.


WURFL is a Device Description Repository (DDR), i.e. a software component which contains the descriptions of thousands of mobile devices.



An international payment distribution solution that pays directly to a prepaid MasterCard® card. Payoneer allows affiliate programs to provide customized MasterCards through which affiliates can receive immediate payments across the globe.


Track clicks and calls. Invoca’s call performance marketing platform helps you capture and convert more high value customers. HasOffer’s integration with Invoca enables you to accurately track calls, analyze performance and increase revenues from all of your media channels: online, offline and mobile.


A simple mass payments export from HasOffers allows affiliate programs to make mass payments through their own PayPal account.


The UnsubCentral Web-based SaaS platform gives advertisers a Compliance Command Center that enables complete automation, monitoring, and on-demand, secure distribution of their suppression files and consumer opt-out requests.


ScrubKit is an automated and powerful analytical system that assists with the detection of affiliate fraud. Many known advertising networks are currently using it to effectively reduce their exposure.


As one of the most trusted CRM Providers in the online market, Limelight’s integration with HasOffers providers seamless interaction between ongoing customer relationships and your affiliate program.


HasOffers makes it easy to list offers from your affiliate program on OfferVault, the largest affiliate offer directory on the web. Affiliates search OfferVault for the latest offers and best payouts.


oDigger is an affiliate marketing tool built by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers.


A member to member based, borderless, free transaction platform to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in bank transaction fees for affiliate payments. A simple, efficient, and cost effective way to make payments to partners worldwide.


Now you can grow your business faster by making it easier than ever for affiliates to find your offers. It’s easy to be listed on We simply pull an offer feed by API which is available in your HasOffers account. This is FREE service, no cost to you. Contact:


Performance Marketing Association

As platinum members of the Performance Marketing Association, HasOffers speaks for our customers on industry standards and legislative issues. We have established a working group to develop “Tracking Standards” for performance advertising.


The Washington Technology Industry Association is the largest state-wide association of technology companies in the world. HasOffers is closely involved with events, education series, and marketing for WTIA as well as utilizing their services for employee benefits.


TechAmerica is the leading voice for the U.S. technology industry worldwide.


VeriSign Authentication Services provides solutions that allow companies & consumers to engage in communications & commerce online with confidence.


The Better Business Bureau of the United States and Canada offers consumers and businesses resources including business and charity reviews, complaints, statistics, ratings, and more to assist in intelligent buying decisions and investment opportunities.

Certified Consultants

Much Marketing

Much Marketing is an acclaimed global marketing agency, helping companies to grow internationally, taking them hand in hand in their global expansion.


Condant GmbH is a performance marketing agency specializing in helping companies establish their own custom Affiliate program using the HasOffers solution for web and mobile tracking. Additionally, they provide Affiliate program management in English, German and Spanish.