Affiliate Payments and Affiliate Tracking

Today, HasOffers announced partnerships with leading affiliate payment service providers PayQuicker and Payoneer. Affiliate networks now have the ability to track their affiliates and pay them all in one spot through the HasOffers platform.

“We chose PayQuicker and Payoneer because they are two of the most respected affiliate
payment service providers in the industry,” said Lucas Brown, CEO, HasOffers. “We know paying affiliates is a tedious part of our customers’ business and are so pleased to find a solution that helps networks get their affiliate payment systems up and running quickly and safely.”

Both affiliate payment options are extremely simple, turn-key solutions that can help customers get an affiliate payment system up and running quickly, but they are also trusted banking institutions that have fraud features and safeguards. Each with their own unique feature set, these two companies are already handling thousands of affiliate transactions through their integration with HasOffers.

Information About the PayQuicker Solution
PayQuicker is a full service global payment portal. All you need is an email address to pay anyone, anywhere! Payer’s and recipients sign up to become Members and can send or receive free, instant global payments. When US Members enroll with PayQuicker they receive a FDIC insured bank account with no monthly fees! PayQuicker’s service can also be used to pay non-Members by paper checks or electronic transfers, globally. Networks and Merchants can use PayQuicker’s proprietary batch payment and pay Affiliates any way they want to be paid, by free and instant Member to Member transfers, by paper check or by direct deposit (ACH/EFT), all in one file. Recipients of Member payments have multiple choices on what to do with their payments. Using the PayQuicker portal, Members can transfer commissions directly to their own bank, send email payments to others, pay bills or spend with their own PayQuicker Visa Debit Card.

Information About the Payoneer Solution
Payoneer Inc. provides fully hosted prepaid card solutions for Networks that need to remit mass payments to Affiliates. Payoneer has led the Affiliate Network vertical for the past 4 years by crafting a multitude of payment options to over 30 active Affiliate Networks. Payoneer has built the right mixture of products and services to satisfy the affiliates and more importantly, the networks that generate mass payments to these affiliates, once they are approved. They are providing these services to hundreds of thousands of cardholders all over the globe.

Getting Started
Get started for either service by visiting the PayQuicker or Payoneer websites to set up an account. Once the account is live, networks will have all the information they need to integrate with HasOffers. Once the account is live and the integration is complete, customers can start paying affiliates through HasOffers on their new payment portal.

Peter Hamilton

Partner and CEO at HasOffers. Peter joined HasOffers before the company launched their first product in 2009. With more than six years of experience in online marketing, Peter has a skilled knowledge of SEO, Display Advertising, PPC, CRO, Retargeting, Social Ads, Social Marketing, PR, Email Marketing, and Usability. Follow @peterhamilton