Getting Started

Getting your affiliate program up and running with HasOffers is simple.

1. Sign up for HasOffers

The first step for any software as a service is to sign up for your own account. During this process you will choose your account ID ( and provide your company information. After signing up you will receive a welcome email with your unique URL to login, and an account representative will follow up with you shortly.

2. Customize Your Affiliate Program

Now that you have access to your own affiliate tracking software, it is time to make it your own by visiting “Customize Application” under your “Company” tab. Customize the logo, design, domains, tracking options, fraud detection, messaging, and even import data from a previous system. Depending on your HasOffers edition, you can completely customize every piece of HasOffers to fit your business.

3. Create an Offer

An “offer” is another word for a campaign. Whatever it is you want affiliates to promote, whether it is a product, service, or some form of content, you need to create an offer in your affiliate program so HasOffers can track which affiliates bring you customers. The main fields you need to complete to create an offer are: Name, Description, Offer URL (where people find your offer), which conversion tracking you would like to use, and how much you want to pay affiliates for each conversion. There are many more options for creating an offer, but these 5 things are all you need to get started.

4. Add Conversion Code for Offers

HasOffers tracks real user conversions (sales/leads) by relying on a tracking code that must be placed on the “thank you” or “conversion” page of your offer. If you sell a product, that means you need to place this tracking code on the page that confirms a sale. After you create an offer, this tracking code is automatically generated for you. All you have to do is place it in your website code.

5. Invite Affiliates to Promote Offers

Once you have the conversion code in place, you are ready to invite affiliates to your own branded affiliate program. When affiliates signup and login they can copy their own unique tracking links for your offers and start promoting on the web. As users begin to click their links and cause conversions, affiliates can view their own performance through their own interface.

6. Payout Your Affiliates

From the admin view of HasOffers, you can watch your affiliate program grow in real-time, drilling down to any specific metric, dimension, or data point. Depending on how you have agreed to pay affiliates, HasOffers provides a complete billing section that automatically generates invoices and allows you to make easy payments to affiliates. Whatever payment services you have chose for your business, HasOffers makes it easy to import and reconcile.

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A Few of Our Features

Real-Time Reports

In order to have a truly successful affiliate program, you need login and see real-time stats and drill down to any data point or metric. When you login to HasOffers you will notice a tab devoted to reporting with 14 different reports that are all customizable. In the “affiliate report” alone there are over 50 options and 12 filters for viewing your data.

Upload Creative Files

Providing great creative assets for your affiliates only improves their success and makes more money for you. HasOffers allows you to easily mass upload static banners, flash banners, and email creatives for each offer in the your program. You can even use the “AdManager” feature to create banner campaigns and test for performance.

Managing Affiliates

HasOffers lets you easily approve or deny affiliates to your program, give them unique or tiered payouts, make certain offers only available to some, and allow affiliates to upload third party tracking, and much more. On top of that, Pro and Enterprise editions have access to the HasOffers’ Mail Room™. Here you can choose which affiliates to email directly using various filters.

Fraud Detection

HasOffers provides basic reporting for detecting fraud, but Pro edition customers also have access to Profile Fraud Score. This allows you to customize your fraud alert system to determine the likelihood of fraud for affiliates that signup to your program. Beyond that, Enterprise edition customers have access to Activity Fraud Score, which allows you to monitor traffic from affiliates and be alerted on possible fraudulent activity.

Complete 2-Way API

Like no other affiliate tracking software, HasOffers provides a complete 2-Way API to Enterprise edition customers as well as Dedicated Solutions. Any function in HasOffers can be called using our API, bringing the highest level of customization to any affiliate program. For those customers on Basic and Pro editions, you have access to a basic stats API that still allows you to pull statistics from HasOffers tracking to external technologies such as CRMs.

Managing Employees

Whether you just need to give access to your accountant or want to hire individual affiliate managers to help you out, HasOffers has a complete user management system, allowing you the ability to give as much or as little access to any user. You can even set up a commission based system for affiliate managers to give them credit for the affiliates and advertisers they are assigned to.

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