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Source Code

Modify the source code.

There is nothing more flexible than having access to the source code of the application to make the modifications you see fit. Dedicated Solutions combines the control of an open source solution that is years in the making and millions in investment with the scalability of a fully hosted cloud service. It is the only solution that gives you complete flexibility with the front end application while providing a completely scalable tracking engine (ad server) on the cloud.


Customize your own interface.

Access to the application source code means you can customize the look and feel, layout, and functionality of the user interface. You can build a completely new experience for your affiliates, advertisers, and even internal employees through CSS, HTML, and even PHP rewrites. No other affiliate tracking platform gives you this level of customization while maintaining the highest level of reliability and scalability.


Change features or build new ones.

Need custom functionality? Build add-ons, custom widgets, new features, or make adjustments to old ones with Dedicated Solutions. Whether you simply need to tweak an existing HasOffers feature for a unique business purpose or need to build something entirely new, you are free to build on top of your own front end code base. Let HasOffers be the foundation to your constantly evolving business needs.


Integrate with any third party system.

Integrate with any external software or system with complete access to the HasOffers 2-Way API. As a Dedicated Solutions customer you can even add elements of external systems into your custom interface. Perhaps you want to display features from your CRM solution within HasOffers, or maybe you need to build a new integration for your support ticketing system. Work on your own timeline, tackling any integration your business needs.

Dedicated Resources


A unique SaaS infrastructure.

HasOffers’ unique infrastructure allows each of our services to operate on separate hardware resources. The application communicates with our databases and our tracking engine via a complete 2-Way API, allowing customers to access the application while keeping the tracking component of our service secure and intact.


Dedicated application servers.

As a Dedicated Solutions customer you are given a minimum of 2 application instances (servers) that are load balanced for the front end application. These application servers are located on the cloud with Amazon Web Services and made available to you from any location around the world. Any modifications made to the code base on a single master instance will automatically write to your other instances. Any changes made to your application are monitored by HasOffers engineers to ensure the success of future product updates, still giving you the best of HasOffers bug fixes and feature requests.


No limit 2-way API.

The HasOffers Enterprise edition is limited to 60 requests per hour for “get” commands. Remove the limits by becoming a Dedicated Solutions customer. The HasOffers 2-Way API is a robust data layer that allows you to manage your data and interact with the ad servers hosted by HasOffers. Currently, the HasOffers application interacts with over 500 documented API calls. Our detailed documentation explains over 400 API methods and 60 API data models, so you can start building whatever makes your program truly unique.


Tracking technology with real scalability.

All HasOffers clients experience the highest level of tracking up-time of any affiliate tracking solution at 99.99%. Our proprietary ad serving and tracking technology, built in C and Python, we consider to be the most critical part of our business. This patent pending technology is extremely efficient, with benchmark tests exceeding 1000 connections per second per server instance. It is this efficiency that provides our clients with the most reliable tracking solution in the industry at the absolute lowest cost. Dedicated gives you the same reliability of tracking combined with the ability to make the application your own.


Setup your application on a secure domain.

Increase the security of your application by setting it up on an HTTPS enabled domain. This prevents unauthorized access or potential threats of interception when using your application. Take every precaution to keep your data private with HasOffers’ Dedicated Solutions. .

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