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"[The] platform in itself is already pretty robust. It allows us to track multiple attributions. One of the biggest things within that platform is being able to track revenue — that’s huge for us. It’s very minimal on discrepancies … and that’s why we recommend using TUNE and why we’ve found it to be a far superior product. "

- Chris Gaglia, Director of Publisher Development, Phunware

Phunware uses HasOffers to efficiently manage and optimize campaigns.

As a fast-growing company gaining large accounts, Phunware needed a solution that could accurately track data points with few discrepancies, support server-to-server tracking, and scale as the business grew.

Client stories

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Tell us your story

AppLift leverages HasOffers’ API, freeing up engineering resources

"HasOffers, now rebranded to TUNE, was the best partner we could find on the market."

- Tim Koschella, AppLift

Global and Mobile Make the Difference for Tyroo

"We chose HasOffers because of the global footprint and credibility of the platform."

- Manish Vig, Tyroo

Mobile is Key for AdAction Interactive

"We were looking for a platform that was moving in a direction that was mobile focused. We landed on HasOffers for that reason."

- Brian Fox, AdAction Interactive

Real-Time Reporting Helps ReviMedia Stay a Step Ahead

"HasOffers has been an important partner for us to facilitate our growth."

- Bas Offers, ReviMedia, Inc.

Rock-Solid API is Vital for Leadmill

"HasOffers has helped us achieve tracking reliability and flexibility. It’s the ground layer for our technology."

- Jonas Kristensen, Leadmill

Offer Management Lead the Way for Pocket Media

"Offer management and reporting are the most important features for us. HasOffers provides robust tools, enabling us to exceed our customers’ expectations."

- Benjamin Pomerantz, Pocket Media

HasOffers platform facilitates mobile growth for Adperio

"I think one factor that we’ve really seen as we’ve moved onto the TUNE platform was a huge increase in our mobile business."

- Matthew Lord, Adperio

Micro Cube Achieves Ultimate Scalability

"HasOffers is very convenient for integration purposes. It helps us save a lot of resources. It’s a very effective platform."

- Monroe Shao, Micro Cube Digital Limited

Case Studies

So, we’ve been doing some studying… of our clients. What we found is quite interesting. They love us! Thanks—we feel the same way.


OGMobi integrates mobile monetization tools using HasOffers’ API.

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Mobisummer, rising Chinese network, grows revenue by 100% using HasOffers.

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RecargaPay rises to #1 top-up app in Brazil using HasOffers.

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Tapstone delivers 100% ROI for ad clients using HasOffers.

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Crobo case study

Crobo grew their network from zero to 4.9M conversion events per month with HasOffers' performance.

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Pocket Media case study

Pocket Media uses HasOffers to achieve higher conversion rates for mobile offers.

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KissMyAds case study

KissMyAds achievers 87% times savings with Billoid for HasOffers.

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GetApp case study

GetApp achieves ultimate tracking reliability with HasOffers.

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Phunware case study

Phunware increases revenue by 50% using HasOffers.

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