Customer Satisfaction

Zynga has used HasOffers for two years to track its online media buys and manage affiliates. The platform has proven to be very scalable and user friendly. We have been extremely impressed by HasOffers and the responsiveness of their team.


The on-boarding process was really simple. We just asked our affiliates to signup to our HasOffers account by sending them a signup link. Since then we’ve grown our campaigns by 50%.


HasOffers provides reliability. We need a solution that’s 100 percent reliable and stable, and we know from experience that HasOffers provides just that. It really is a superb platform that provides the features we need to operate.


We grew our business from $0 to $8 million in the first year, with help from our own in-house affiliate program. HasOffers is simple, efficient, and effective, and the customer support is excellent.


Telic Interactive is an Agency or OPM, and we love Hasoffers for the value, design and ease of use. It has really helped streamline our business, and our revenue has increased 10 fold since we started using HasOffers.


Affiliate marketing has been challenging for us to set up, track and scale… until now. HasOffers’ remarkable platform let us build and grow our affiliate program both across the major networks and to independent affiliates without spending hours on tedious monitoring and reporting. The app’s simplicity, depth and customization mean we spend less time earning more customers – everyone should be using HasOffers.


UpSurgeMedia has been working with HasOffers for over 2 years now and we absolutely love working with them because they are there for us whenever we need them, we love the fast responding customer service. Working with the HasOffers software has enabled us to take UpSurgeMedia to an entirely new level.


It took me less than 2 minutes to create my first offer. HasOffers really makes everything simpler while allowing me to be flexible to the needs of my publishers and requests from advertisers.


We’re a CPA network that focuses on converting mobile content offers, and we’ve tried many tracking solutions. HasOffers allows us to do everything the other systems do, but easily. We are proud to tell our affiliates we track with HasOffers. We really love the LiveChat guys from HasOffers. They are always patient with us and really helpful!


HasOffers has the technology we need for our affiliate network to focus on mobile. On top of that, it is an easy to use platform with a well designed UI.