Cohort Reporting 2.0

If the term “cohort” is completely foreign to you, then we’ve got some bad news for you. You are, in fact, seriously restricting your own ability to understand the growth and value of your app’s audience, and this in turn … Continued

Install Assists and Overlap Rankings

With our release of multi-touch attribution in January, we expanded our attribution scope to include pre-conversion interactions that directly impact the Holy Grail of mobile app advertising – the conversion. Just as Google launched their multi-touch funnel analysis for traditional … Continued

Normalizing Measurement of App Installs

As the saying goes, it’s important in life and business to “give credit where credit is due”. This is certainly no different for performance marketing and advertising in which only those who deliver measurable results – i.e. the almighty conversion … Continued

Q&A: Mobile Apps and Loyalty

Mobile apps have proven to be a tool that businesses can use to engage with customers in a variety of ways: providing information, customer relations management, re-engagement, and to build a brand—to name just a few. We recently interviewed Ashley … Continued