What You Should Know About GET and POST Methods

Performance marketers rely on accurate conversion tracking and the resulting attribution of the source responsible for driving each conversion and the conversion itself. Depending on the technical requirements for the conversion tracking of a campaign, client-based and server-based tracking methods … Continued

The Importance of DNS Redundancy

As I write this, GoDaddy just recovered from a major outage which impacted thousands of domains using their hosting service and default DNS services. While it’s easy to be angry with GoDaddy when your site goes down, this is a … Continued

Four Ways to Create Better Ad Campaigns

We have an awesome creative team at HasOffers that refreshes our advertising creative anytime we’re ready to test a new campaign. I’m starting to feel spoiled because I haven’t always had that luxury. I’m guessing many of you aren’t that … Continued

Create Video Calls To Action with Viewbix

I’m obsessed with video. I wrote a video editing book in 2004. I’ve recorded videos on three continents. Just recently I spoke on Affiliate Marketing with Online Video at Affiliate Summit. One frustration remains – adding context to videos. Viewbix may be the solution.

Scrubkit Enhances Affiliate Fraud Detection

Affiliate fraud is a losing proposition for everyone involved. Affiliate networks lose because it’s hard to retain advertisers when your program quality is suspect. Advertisers lose because fraudlent leads fail to convert into paying customers. Honest affiliates lose because there’s less money to go around for the legitimate conversions.

Managing Data Feeds with Google Refine

Data feeds might be the single greatest tool for affiliate marketers. They are also the source of some of their worst headaches. Invalid characters, trailing spaces, conflicting naming conventions, and inconsistent field usage are just a few of the ways … Continued