10 Tips for Using HasOffers

If you’re already leveraging HasOffers, or still just thinking about it, you know it’s the leading solution to help accurately attribute and reconcile conversions generated by performance marketing campaigns. HasOffers features dozens of options to help make the most of … Continued

Protecting your Brand from Affiliates

How to Make Sure Your Affiliates Don’t Damage Your Brand. Affiliate programs are one of the single greatest ways to connect with customers you’re not currently reaching through other advertising mediums. In case you’re thinking about starting an affiliate program, … Continued

Affiliate Marketing for your Business, Part 7

Can you believe it? We’re already to Part Seven of the Affiliate Marketing for your Business series. In this series, we’re covering the introductory fundamentals to the advanced concepts of affiliate programs that your business will benefit from. Since there is a wealth of information forthcoming, I encourage you to either bookmark this page or sign up for our newsletter so you stay up to date and ahead of the competition.

If this is your first time joining us, welcome and please feel free to check out the previous posts from this series:

  • Part 1: an introduction to affiliate programs and who the key players are.
  • Part 2, discussed affiliate offers, payouts and how to structure affiliate programs.
  • Part 3, presented affiliates; their roles, thought processes and vocabulary.
  • Part 4, featured affiliate offers; what they are, how they work and creatives.
  • Part 5, was all about tracking URLs; variables, parameters and other features.
  • Part 6, broke down how affiliates plan their website, perform research, audience targeting, content development and mediums they use to drive traffic.

These last few posts have focused on affiliates, getting to know them and how they operate their businesses. In this post, we are going to use that information as a foundation for what your program can offer to attract, retain and increase the amount of affiliates promoting your offers.

4 Features to Prevent Affiliate Fraud

Are you preventing Affiliate Fraud? Preventing and identifying fraud can be complicated without understanding all the tracking and fraud features provided by HasOffers. While we do provide affiliate profile and activity fraud monitoring, these are the tracking features that will … Continued