About HasOffers

HasOffers provides unbiased attribution analytics for performance advertising. We believe that better attribution technology in the hands of online and mobile marketers creates higher performing advertising relationships that ultimately generate the best value for advertisers. We strive to provide unequaled technology to measure and manage advertising based on accurate attribution, timely reporting, and complete scalability. Our platforms are open and easy-to-integrate, built with expertise that is unmatched in performance advertising.

Our Products

HasOffers is a white-labeled software for networks, agencies, or internal media buyers to manage performance advertising programs for online and mobile offers. With HasOffers you can create the perfect publisher/affiliate program for your business, designed to meet your performance objectives. Beyond attribution, HasOffers provides complete management features and billing systems as well as a full two-way API for developing custom solutions. Create your own performance ad network with HasOffers. Take a Tour of HasOffers
MobileAppTracking.com (MAT) created by HasOffers, is the industry standard platform for mobile app marketers which unbiasly attributes app installs, in-app engagement, and purchases back to marketing sources (such as social networks, publishers, and mobile ad networks). MAT is integrated with over 375 major ad networks and publishers including Google, InMobi, Drawbridge, and others. Visit MobileAppTracking.com

Our Story

HasOffers’ Leadership: Lucas Brown, Peter Hamilton, Lee Brown
Co-founders and twin brothers Lucas and Lee Brown recognized a huge need in performance marketing in early 2009. There was no clear winning solution for attributing performance to advertising partners. Many advertisers and networks depended on legacy tracking software that was slow, unreliable and extremely costly to maintain. In less than two years, HasOffers.com became the leading SAAS for performance marketing programs. Together with Partner and CEO Peter Hamilton, the company continued to push their solutions to new heights, solving the modern needs of marketers for accurate advertising attribution, including the release of MobileAppTracking in 2011. The entire HasOffers team is committed to excellence through responsive customer support, transparency, constant innovation, and passionate employees.

Our Partners

Ask a VC: Accel Partners’ Rich Wong On Whether You Can Build A Great Tech Company Outside Silicon Valley WATCH VIDEO

Rich Wong – Accel Partners

Rich Wong joined the board of HasOffers in 2013. Previously he led Accel’s investment in Angry Birds (Rovio) and also serves on the boards of Atlassian, the leader in software for streamlining product development; SunRun, the leading provider of residential solar power; MoPub, a leader in mobile ad platforms; Dealer.com, a leading vertical SaaS company in automotive, MobileSpaces, a mobile enterprise security company, Qwilt, a provider of video optimization technology, and Parature, a leader in SaaS based customer support. Rich previously led Accel’s investment and served on the Board of Admob (acquired by Google), as well as 3LM – Three Laws of Mobility, an Android enterprise startup (acquired by Motorola Mobility). Accel Partners is a global venture capital firm with offices in Silicon Valley, London and India. Founded in 1983, Accel has a long history of excellence and innovation in the venture capital business and is dedicated to partnering with outstanding entrepreneurs and management teams to build world-class companies. With more than $8 billion under management, Accel has helped entrepreneurs build over 300 successful category-defining companies.
Chris DeVore gives the keynote speech at the 2013 GeekWire Awards. WATCH VIDEO

Chris Devore – Founder, Founders Co-Op

Prior to Founders Co-op, Chris DeVore co-founded Judy’s Book and served as the company’s COO. Previously Chris was a Vice President at Sapient Corporation (NASDAQ: SAPE), where he built and led the company’s strategy consulting practice and was also a core member of the M&A and corporate venturing teams. Chris arrived at Sapient via the 1999 acquisition of Adjacency, an e-Commerce consultancy he and his partners bootstrapped into a profitable, 50-person, $15MM firm serving clients like Apple, Nordstrom, Virgin, Land Rover and Steelcase. Prior to Adjacency, Chris served as Patagonia’s Director of eCommerce, building that outdoor retailer’s first online retail presence, and also led and managed six of the company’s product lines. Pre-Internet, Chris held senior product management and strategic planning roles at McCaw Cellular (acquired by AT&T) and at AT&T (NYSE: T).
Rob Glaser says the quality and the form factor of the iPhone 4 could be suited better for video than text. WATCH VIDEO

Robert Glaser – Founder, Real Networks

Rob Glaser is the founder of RealNetworks (1994) which produces RealAudio, RealVideo, RealPlayer, and Helix, among other products and services. Glaser also co-founded Sidecar Communications, Inc. in 2010 and serves as its Chairman of the Board. Glaser is a Venture Development Partner at Accel Management Co, Inc. Mr. Glaser joined Accel Management Co in May 26, 2010 and focuses on digital media technology, social media, and mobile service investments. Mr. Glaser has been active in the software industry as an entrepreneur, executive, and investor for nearly 30 years.

Where We Are

Seattle, San Francisco, Tel Aviv?

You read that right. In addition to our corporate HQ, located in beautiful Seattle, WA, we also have offices in San Francisco, CA, and Tel Aviv, Israel. Read below for more detail on each office’s functions and locations.


Where it all started. Our corporate HQ, just up from world-famous Pike Place Market, is home to our engineering, marketing, sales, and operations.

San Francisco

Our MobileAppTracking sales and account team operates out of sunny San Francisco, right next to all the mobile buzz coming from the valley.

Tel Aviv

Our home away from home. Tel Aviv keeps our sales and support connected around the clock and also available in European and Middle Eastern time zones!