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Equipping companies with the technology to measure, analyze, and
optimize performance marketing results in real time.

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Ad Networks

Ad Networks

Manage your publishers, affiliates, and influencers all in one platform.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Measure, score, and distribute your client’s entire lead generation.



Track client campaigns and optimize media buys in real time.



Control and expand your affiliate and referral program cross-channel.

Everything you need, all in one place

Total control in one customizable platform

Tap into the power of a fully customizable solution designed to manage your digital marketing campaigns, publisher relationships, payouts, creative assets, and more — whether you want to use our platform, or leverage our API and developer tools to build your own.

Easy-to-use technology backed by unparalleled support

Discover the freedom of an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface. When your objectives require an extra hand, reach out in confidence knowing that the industry’s most complete documentation and responsive customer service team are at your fingertips.

Real-time campaign measurement and optimization

Improve your campaigns — and your profit margins — with powerful targeting and measurement technology, designed to get the best results out of your mobile and digital performance marketing.

Reliable infrastructure with global scalability

Grow your partnerships at ease knowing you’ve chosen the most scalable, reliable solution in the industry. With a distributed cloud-based infrastructure and 99.9% system uptime, there is no limit to how far you can scale your business — without having to worry about downtime along the way.

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Working with TUNE over the last year showed us just how much they could help us achieve. Not only did TUNE deliver on the software side, but they have a solid industry reputation—one that’s trusted by our partners and adds to our credibility. TUNE’s API-driven platform architecture empowered us to build and innovate our own technology. As the industry’s undisputed leader in mobile and online advertising, TUNE allows us to focus on building strong differentiators between us and our competitors by driving innovation in native ads for Tyroo and video for Seventynine.

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